Warehousing Services

A modern warehousing system designed specifically for handling, storing and distributing has been tailor made in Ayr. The facility includes over 40,000 square feet of undercover storage allowing us to store bulk, palletised, boxed or bagged product. Our staff have experience in handling a broad variety of products, and are assisted by a large range of specialist handling equipment including container de-vanners and large shovels. Peacock Handling has the flexibility to handle any type of cargo from road vehicles to seagoing vessels.

We have a palletising system that allows for a "e;pick and pack"e; operation offering the facility to pick even the smallest item. Re-packing, re-palletising and labelling are provided as required to a time-scale that suits your requirements. Documentation, custom clearance and distribution are available for full loads, pallets and packages. Ship agency is available for any larger cargos.